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This 200+ year old, recently moved and restored, cabin located in Shade, Ohio has a rich history entwined with the American Indian War and Underground Railroad. Originally situated near Cutler, Ohio, the cabin was near the Big Bottom Massacre of 1791. Several years ago, the cabin was purchased by Shade residents Lyle and Suzanne Wolding in order to restore and move onto their property. During restoration, a shipping lid was discovered that bore the name and address of the First appointed Postmaster of what is now Noble County. On the other side of the lid was another name, the same as the alleged inspiration for the main character in Harriet Beecher Stowe's fiction novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. Also, many locals allege that George Washington stayed in the cabin incognito while his friends who owned the Ohio Land Company of Associates were purchasing land in the Ohio Valley. It was on this land that the Ohio University would ultimately be located. ©2014 Nick Bolin