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    Keith Bolin is a 75 year old farmer.  He was born on a farm and has been farming all of his life.  Keith bought his own land when he was 22 years old and started farming it.  Keith’s farm is located in Albany, Ohio, a small village just outside of Athens.  He owns 99 acres and 32 head of beef cattle.  Keith’s wife, Sarah, is a supportive farm wife, who is always by his side.  They have one son and two grandsons.  He was a brickmason for more than 50 years and retired in 2003.  He built his own home and still does masonry side jobs in his “free” time.  Keith’s daily routine includes checking on the cows and counting them.  Every other day he feeds them two large, round bales of hay.  Keith grows and bales hay to feed his cattle with.  When he was first starting out, he baled square bales of hay, which required a team of people stacking and loading the trailer and stacking and loading it in the barn.  With technology and advancements, he has switched to round bales which can be more easily done with a single person and a tractor.  He has five tractors and is constantly maintaining and fixing them.  Keith’s farming skills include the ability to weld and repair his own equipment.  Occasionally Keith takes some of his cattle to auction to be sold.  Attending auctions is something Keith enjoys, as he is able to purchase items necessary for the farm, including tools, tractors, and parts.  In 2012 Keith had surgery to have his knees replaced, this gave him a renewed ability to be able to do what is necessary to keep a farm running.  He rarely goes on vacation because there are no vacations from farming.  You never know when you are going to get a call from a neighbor that some of the cows got out or when a fence might need repaired or when a new calf might be born.  Keith likes to cut firewood that he sells and that he uses in his wood burner to heat his home.  He also has a Wood-Mizer portable band sawmill that cuts logs for lumber that he uses when he builds new barns and sheds.  When Keith’s dog got hit and killed, he really missed his sidekick.  Recently he got a new puppy and the puppy has been a boost to his moral, following him every step of the day.  Keith is like Newton’s first law of motion - “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion”.  Keith attributes farming to keeping him young and plans to keep farming as long as possible.

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