Scottish Craftsmen

Lesglen has been making canes from ram horns for years but only makes them as a hobby. It takes him about 45 hours to make a single cane. He is a member of the Lammermuir Stick Dressing Society, a group that makes canes and sells them at local events like the highland games. Originally the canes were used by sheep herders as a means of grabbing the sheep by the leg or neck. The canes Lesglen and his group make are more of a social status icon, as he explained to me “it's like owning a nice watch”. The one he worked on while I was there was of a Scottish Thistle. 

Bryn has been working with leather for over 5 years. Before that he loved to draw and paint but recently he got into medieval reenactment. Most of the clothing accessories he wanted couldn't be bought so he learned to make it out of leather. Over time his designs have gotten more intricate. Bryn and his partner Gale are from Wales but travel around Scotland to meet new people and sell their work.