27 Miles

27 Miles was a collaborative team effort at the 2019 Visual Discovery Conference that brings designers from all over the world to collaborate and create beautiful works of art. Our objective was to visualize research based on John Sabraw's pollution to paint project where we branded his materials. We had only 72 hours to travel  to local sites, research the topic, and create a final product. 

Our team decided to address mining in the area by elevating the creating branding and marketing collateral for a local initiative that turns mining pollution into paints and pigments. We produced a logo, brand guidelines, direct marketing pieces, personas, drone video, photography assets, packaging design, a social media campaign, and a website in just 72 hours. I played a strong role in leading the team of undergraduate and graduate students, managing project assignments, providing art direction, producing creative deliverables, and visual elements for my group and other group projects to use.